Labor law & immigration

The Republic of Panama has become the hub of the Americas par excellence and has reaffirmed its geographical position in economic and tourist matters, thus allowing a great migratory influx in the national territory.

We currently offer all services related to labor migration and all related legal dynamics, such as immigration permits, work permits, labor conciliations, labor lawsuits and labor counseling.

Corporate and Commercial Law

Aware of the importance of legal structures for the protection of capital, our firm offers the services of drafting of articles of association, bylaws, bank accounts, shares, agreements, negotiation and incorporation of private interest foundations.

The company incorporation service is also offered in other international jurisdictions such as B.V.I, Anguilla, Belize, and Hong Kong.

Banking Services

We provide the services of opening your bank account in international and local banks in an agile and safe way, an indispensable tool to carry out financial operations in an offshore structure for tax planning or asset protection.

We offer the introduction service for opening the following types of accounts: Personal Accounts, Corporate Accounts, Investment Accounts (stocks, paymaster services, currencies), Mortgage Loans, Commercial Loans, VISA or MASTERCARD credit cards, online banking, among others.

Ship Registration

Panama currently has the largest shipping registry in the world and complies with all international maritime regulations.

We offer the services of flag register, navigation licenses, radio licenses, inspections, tonnage certificates, registration and cancellation of shipping mortgages, charters, as well as legal representation in maritime legal proceedings.

Real Estate and Residential Tourism

In the last decade, the real estate industry and residential tourism have had a palpable impact on Panama's economy.

Our legal team has extensive experience in real estate investment and negotiation including: title deeds, property reporting, surveying services, contract negotiation, purchase and sale, and taxes.

We also offer legal services in the areas of tourism investment, incentives and immigration.

Intellectual Property

Our forensic practice also covers administrative and judicial processes of intellectual property, among which are the processes of registration of trademarks, licenses, commercial license, etc.

Our international practice also allows us to offer extensive advice on international commercial contracting, business model negotiation, "complete knock down" technology supply and technology information transfer contracting.

Family Law

Our legal team has extensive experience representing national and international clients before the family jurisdiction and family proceedings in the republic of Panama.

Our services cover the processes of alimony, custody child support, visitation, child protection, divorce, marriage contracts and adoptions.

Litigation and Adversarial Criminal System

We offer our services in the jurisdictional sphere, civil, family, as well as advice and representation before the accusatory penal system in the different phases of the process and permanent legal assistance.


Corporations & Foundations

Panama Corporations

1,200 plus shipping

Belize corporations

1,500 plus shipping

Private interest foundations

1,300 plus shipping

Opening a Bank Account


Entrepreneurship companies package with logo and website

Immigration Law

Provisional resident permit

$2,300 includes expenses

Retirement permit


Work permits


Friendly countries permit


Provisional resident permit

$2,300 includes expenses

Multiple entry and exit visa


Labor conciliation and lawsuits

Other services

Verbal Legal Consultation


Shipping Registry and Titles

Accusatory Penal System

Family Law

Ministry of Health

Licensing and sanitary registration